Chojukan (Gunma-ken)


Entrance fee : 800 yens
Bathing time from 10:30 to 13:30
(last exit at 14:00)
Located in a ryokan
Internet : Home page
Phone : 0278-66-0005
Adress : 379-1401
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Number of baths









+ 1 family bath

Spring information

Water type : sulfate salts
Main spring : pH=8.8
Bath Temp : 43°C

Onsen in Gunma-ken

Chojukan (Hoshi Onsen)
Hamaya ryokan (Kawafuru Onsen)
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Anahara yu Toushuukan (Oigami)
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Chuseikan ryokan (Shima Onsen)
Shima Grand Hotel (Shima Onsen)
Shima Tamura (Shima Onsen)
Sekizenkan (Shima Onsen)
Hotel Kojokaku (Sarugakyo Onsen)
Shirane Onsen (Marunuma Kogen)
Yamaguchi Rotenburo (Shima Onsen)
Kawarayu (Kawarayu)
Mountain View Lodge (Kusatsu Onsen)
Nikawa no yu (Kusatsu Onsen)
Ootaki no yu (Kusatsu Onsen)
Sai no kawara (Kusatsu Onsen)
Shirahata no yu (Kusatsu Onsen)
Manza Prince Hotel (Manza)
Manza Kogen Hotel (Manza)
Manzatei (Manza)
Shiriyaki Onsen (Shiriyaki Onsen)

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Global rating :    
There is only one ryokan in Hoshi Onsen. Chojukan, which was build in 1875, is considered by some people to be one of the most beautiful ryokan in Japan. Its indoor bath is extremely famous.

Size :    
One indoor bath is available there. At least this bath is quite large.

View :

Modesty :   
This mixed bath might afraid lots of women... After exiting the separate changing rooms, visitors will directly reach the bathing area; it seems that the custom of men in this bath is to fix the women entrance, which can be quite of a shock... Apart of that, due to the darkness of the room, a little of privacy is somehow kept.

Area :    
Located close to Minakami, on the road leading to Echigo Yusawa in Niigata-ken, this area is famous for its ski fields and, of course, onsen. If you visit the area in winter, you might as well continue north to Niigata-ken and the Naeba resorts, where incredible ski will be waiting for you. The rest of the year, this area of Gunma-ken offers many opportunities if you don't want to spend your day in the onsen.

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Rooms are located just in front of the river

View of the main buildings