Shiriyaki Onsen at Shiriyaki Onsen (Gunma-ken)
Kĉ@ at Kĉ@ (Qn)


Free bathing 24 hours per day!
Swimsuits used for mixed-bathing
Phone : 0279-95-5121
Address :
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an inside bath is also available in the ryokan located close to the river, for 500 yens (12:00 to 16:30

Spring information

Water type : sulfate salts
Main spring : 54°C pH=7.8

Onsen in Gunma-ken

Chojukan (Hoshi Onsen)
Hamaya ryokan (Kawafuru Onsen)
Takaragawa (Takaragawa)
Anahara yu Toushuukan (Oigami)
Gorokaku (Oigami)
Chuseikan (Shima Onsen)
Chuseikan ryokan (Shima Onsen)
Shima Grand Hotel (Shima Onsen)
Shima Tamura (Shima Onsen)
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Hotel Kojokaku (Sarugakyo Onsen)
Shirane Onsen (Marunuma Kogen)
Yamaguchi Rotenburo (Shima Onsen)
Kawarayu (Kawarayu)
Mountain View Lodge (Kusatsu Onsen)
Nikawa no yu (Kusatsu Onsen)
Ootaki no yu (Kusatsu Onsen)
Sai no kawara (Kusatsu Onsen)
Shirahata no yu (Kusatsu Onsen)
Manza Prince Hotel (Manza)
Manza Kogen Hotel (Manza)
Manzatei (Manza)
Shiriyaki Onsen (Shiriyaki Onsen)

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J. Olsen's pages in English provide some reports on this river bath, where the author was making some strange encounter with Japanese...

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Global rating :   
An unusual onsen, as this bath is located directly in the river! Located close to Kusatsu - you will need a car to reach the place, though, this hot spring is mixing with the water of the river, for the biggest pleasure of the visitors who bath in this shallow pool. There is a small hut where you can leave your belongings, as well as a ryokan close to the bath. Apart of that, there is not a lot to do in the immediate area.

Size :      
Not only there is this large pool, but also several rocky, smaller one a little down the stream.

View :    
It is quite usual to be in the river and look at the shores and the surroundings forests. Enjoy it then!

Modesty :      
Although not mandatory, it seems that most people wear swimming suits to bath in this river. There is however no proper changing rooms, and the nearby toilets are not exactly clean...

Area :   
Not a lot to do there. The best thing is to head of directly for Kusatsu.

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