Anahara yu Toushuukan (Gunma-ken)
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Entrance fee : 1000 yens
Bathing time from 13:00 to 20:00
Located in a ryokan
Internet : Home page
Phone : 0278-56-3024
Adress : 375-0305
Maps : Mapfan - Google

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Spring information

Water type : simple thermal
Main spring : 53°C pH=8.8

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Global rating :   
From the outside, this ryokan looked very promising, with a small garden in front of the entrance and a large, welcoming lobby. Unfortunately, the outside bath was quite disappointing, both by its size and surroundings, while the inside baths were still fine. It is worthwhile to note that the women outside bath is the best bath in this ryokan, was is quite unusual.

Size :   
The ryokan being located close to the river, a rather nice view is offered to the bathers, especially to women which have their own, private rotenburo (outside bath). The mixed rotenburo is surrounded by a lot of concrete, unfortunately.

View :    
The mixed outside bath is really small. The picture on the web site of the ryokan seems to be that of a large bath, but hardly five persons can bath here at the same time. The inside baths are a little larger.

Modesty :   
Women have to walk through the ryokan to go from their changing room to the outside mixed bath! They certainly will stay in their own rotenburo, which was covered with flowers and offered nicer view...

Area :    
Oigami Onsen is conveniently located 150 km north-west of Tokyo, in the Gunma prefecture, making it one of the closest gateway from Tokyo for onsen lovers. This small and quiet onsen town on the shores of the Oigami river has a large number of ryokan; its onsen have been known for more than 1000 years. Fukiwari no Taki, an impressively shaped waterfall, can be found a couple of kilometers north to Oigami. This spot is very worth a stop: you can walk on the shore of the river, reaching very close to the waterfall. In summer and autumn, you can literally stand a couple of meters from it, as there is no fence there. In winter, the frozen waterfall offers an incredible sight. Further north, the famous Oze marshland can be found.

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At night, only concrete can be seen from the bath...